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The beauty that doesn't rinse off... ;)

Permanent Makeup/Tattoo Removal


Have you ever had any experience with bad permanent makeup or tattoo and you are desperately waiting for a day to get rid of it? Don't wait any longer and take this unique opportunity that will change your life forever.  PhiRemoval is the best, highly efficient and safe way to remove everything you are not satisfied with.

Examples of PhiRemoval Indications are:

  • Permanent Makeup (PMU) or tattoo looks old fashioned

  • PMU or tattoo is of poor quality

  • Pigment migration

  • The client is not satisfied with the shape

  • Unwanted Pigment evolution

  • Social causes

  • Operations, Injections

  • Unevenly introduced pigment

  • Uneven depth

  • The shape is not drawn before the procedure

  • Strict or very rounded inner corners of the eyebrows

  • Use of titanium dioxide-based camouflage

The removal product is based on glycolic acid.  This ingredient feature high penetration.  When applied to the skin, it deeply penetrates surrounding tissues as well.  For this reason, there is no need to expose the skin to severe mechanical procedures by PMU machines or manual techniques because the product itself performs some share of work.  We just have to exploit its advantages.  We apply a staccato motion that is well known in music as master motion.  This staccato motion perfectly "opens" the skin, thus avoiding damaging the skin.  Having penetrated into the depositing skin layer, it liquefies it and "pulls" it up.

The removal product is non-color selective (applicable to all tattoo colors), efficient, less scarring and significantly less expensive.  If properly applied, only one treatment or some more is needed for permanent makeup removal.  However, 2-6 treatments are needed for body tattoo removal with minimal scarring risk.  The time required for the treatment depends upon the removal area.  The treated area initially experiences erythema (redness), which gradually diminishes, leaving the skin perfectly normal.  The removal is effective for both body tattoos and permanent makeup, as well as for microblading.

It will be worth saving your money and investing in a professional tattoo removal to ensure you get the best removal results and keep in mind that there is something that will make your lives attractive and comfortable again.



First, use the soothing cream.  The basic special designation of soothing cream is to soothe the scab and enhance healing.  48 hours after each procedure, apply a thin layer of this cream on the area that was treated during the procedure.  Apply the cream at least 2 to 3 times per day until the scab scales off and scab shedding is completed.  This may take 7-14 days, possibly more.  Anti scar gel is applied after serious injuries, a surgical intervention when tissue scarring is expected and for scarring prevention.


  • Decorative and hygienic cosmetics for 10-14 days on the affected area

  • The peeling of the scab after the PhiRemoval procedure, you should allow it to fall off naturally

  • Solarium, the Sun, baths, saunas, and pools for 2 weeks

  • Facial or body treatments for 3-6 weeks

  • Exercise and body or facial massages for 7 days

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